Avila Dolphins

The Avila Dolphins are a year around open water group that swims and kayaks in Avila Bay California. The Dolphins welcome and interested swimmers regardless of ability and together get aquatinted with the chilly Pacific Ocean. Despite new members often finding them through work of mouth or online, founded years ago the group never had the change to develop a visual brand or website.

Avila Logo


Their logo and assets needed a visual style to reflect their cheerful and welcoming demeanor that would also be simple and cost effective to print. Choosing a brush pen custom lettering approach combined with flat geometric illustrations, a logo and mark were born for shirts, caps, and other club materials.

Avila Dolphins Brand


Their website was an enjoyable project expanding of the illustration style with CSS3 animations. Important information like water temperature and meeting location were highlighted and personal testimonials and photos give the site the warm greeting of the individual swimmers.

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