Media Kit

The Mustang Daily is a daily newspaper in San Luis Obispo county which makes most of its profits from advertising local businesses. When Advertising Representatives sell advertisement space in the paper, the media kit is an essential tool. Produced annually the rate booklet lists rates and options for potential clients.


Introduction & Promotion

Starting off the booklet introduces the paper and its award winning history and success with advertising partners. Combining a simple color palette, flat infographics, and photography this information is layer out in a structured yet flexibility grid. The above spread shows the paper’s distribution spots and an opportunity for location based ad space.

Special Editions

Editions, Directories & Publications

Through the 20 page book the media kit covers special editions, events, directories, and publication dates. Developing the visuals assets of the paper simultaneously, typography choices and icon assets were developed with my design team.


Photography & Customization

Unique to this edition the paper had a theme of growth. Photography was taken of iconic locations and buildings near the home of the paper and displayed in chronological order though the book. The printed size was an important new feature, and to assist the transition a cut ruler was integrated into the media kit.

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