SwimR is a concept swim workout recording application designed for the recreational swimmer. Filling the gap between high-end watches and analog methods, SwimR makes tracking progress and goals simple. Designed for iOS I was able to explore the UI from a personal need and resource approaches from similar emerging technologies.

sketch digitize render

Settings Wireframe Recording Wireframe History Wireframe

Concept & Wireframing

Amidst the new trend for flat design, SwimR was crafted with a skeuomorphic side, balancing texture and shadow inspired by a pool deck with straightforward typography for data.

final screens

User Interface

The icon itself was created to represent the sport of swimming, featuring the invaluable asset of goggles. Wireframing the flow of screens helped the organization of the data important to users.

desktop interface

Cross Device System

Following in the footsteps of Nike+, Mapmyfitness and Strava, SwimR also needed a desktop interface. Paired with the app this system allows for information to be visualized in a larger context and add social media possibilities.

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