Etna Interactive

This page is dedicated to projects that summarize my work at my last position as a web designer. Etna Interactive is a digital marketing agency with a focus on the voluntary medical sector. They provide a full range of creative digital services alongside expert online marketing.

Website Templates

Working with medical offices in the voluntary healthcare sector, the needs of each office and practice were identified and customized for their website. Structural and stylistic templates were designed and build by the development team to allow for quick implementation for these niche clients.

Website Templates

Extending the client's brand, additional assets and profiles were created using the same visual system. Social media channels were maintained by the copywriting and marketing teams and profile pages and assets were created. Other materials included feature blocks, infographics, and printed materials.

Web Widgets

Adding simple interactivity to organize information and allow for a smoother user experience, I proposed and designed widgets to be built on clients backpages. These containers held doctor, patient, reviews, office, and location information in a tabbed format condensing the common extensive scrolling page issue.

FishBowl app page