Icon design has become a new art from with the boom of mobile and web technology. The digital face of an application or concept, a designer is tasked with choosing a visual metaphor and cram it into a confined space. The element I find most appealing in this space is the designer’s ability to impart their unique style may it be ultra photorealism or geometric flatness.

sketch digitize render

App Icon

This fishbowl icon was created in the iOS container to push the bounds of the routine. With the advance of 3D software skeuomorphic realism, while no less beautiful, is more and more regular and systematized. For an reminder app to care for an aquatic pet, the icon for fishbowl required an organic approach to an organic subject.


Moving from rough sketches to tight graphite layouts into digital, Fishbowl required a reworking of its basic structure as interactive Balsamiq comps lead to a simpler layout. From there screens progressed into illustrator to visualize the sitemap flowchart and photoshop for final renderings.

sketch digitize render