Security Icon Set

An interesting challenge presented itself in this security icon set. To use the iOS container in a non-iOS setting as a set of rendered icons. This collection would have a variety of textures and colors, unified by their forced rounded square shape. A lock, an alarm, and a camera were chosen as the subject metaphors.

sketch digitize render

Tumbler Combination Lock

The combination lock represents security protection. Working with both matte and glossy surfaces, the challenge in the lock was to force the perspective of the rotating discs pushing it past realism to emphasize their shape and representation.

Alarm Light

The alarm light, like that of an undercover police car, represents security alerts. The layering of transparent colored glass and chrome metal made this icon an interesting subject matter to approach from a non-3D method. For its intended use an on an off version were created.

Security Camera

The security camera represents surveillance. The camera lens has become almost a cliche in icon design due to its easily modifiable nature, but beyond a basic point-and-shoot, things get interesting. Forcing the perspective of its container and adding a wall attachment feature brought an old style security camera to life.

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